After a short preview on the official USA release of the K1X DCAC Patrick Mohr Edition earlier here’s a closer look at the very special Concept Shop FourTwoFour on Fairfax which will launch the limited sneaker tomorrow night in Los Angeles with special guest Patrick Mohr himself.

The founders of FourTwoFour on Fairfax Concept Shop came together in the spirit of collaborative creativity to have a place that features cutting edge ideas in design – be it fashion, lifestyle, and art – without limitations. FourTwoFour evokes a feeling of the turn of the century meets the future, a salon inspired by cities like Paris and New York, crash landing in Los Angeles. Above all the shop has become famous for their very own sneaker crowns.

Sneaker Crowns™ is a hand crafted shoe accessory which can be worn on sneakers (or even dress shoes).The quality is without question. This includes everything from the hand drawn sketches to hand carved waxes. From the solid bronze and silver castings which are completed with the finest finishes available to the aircraft technology that was employed to ensure the piece stays on the shoe under any circumstances. A jewelry line 100% produced in the U.S.A.

And so the circle is complete since a distinct characteristic of the DCAC “Patrick Mohr edition” is the wooden triangle which is located on the shoe’s tongue and also doubles as an accessory that can be worn as an amulet while the individuality of the shoe is completed by an innovative leather strap which is attached to the upper part of the heel. It can be fixed to the ankle or lower leg or be worn as a wrist-accessory.

To a great release event!

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