When two worlds collide there’s usually a big explosion. In this case the bang can be heard from Berlin to Paris, two trail blazing cities that the notorious CLVII store calls home. The K1X DCAC Patrick Mohr edition is limited to 150 pairs world wide and only available at CLVII Berlin and CLVII Paris (fall 2010). To make a long story short: Basketball brand meets vanguard fashion designer meets top shelf streetwear boutique. Stay tuned for more details. For pre-order contact:


4 thoughts on “Store check: K1X DCAC (Patrick Mohr Edition) hits CLVII

  1. Bengorine says:

    Bonjour, je souhaiterais offrir une paire de k1x dcac de patrick mohr en noir mais je ne trouve aucun site en ligne pour les commander. J’aimerais savoir existe un site en ligne ?

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