A lot of you guys have been asking us and it’s finally here. Continue reading to find out the full list of stores that are going to carry our highly anticipated fourth edition of the DCAC by Patrick Mohr.


Out now:
– Pigalle (Paris)
– The Flag (Berlin)
– SUPPA / MRQT (Stuttgart)
– 424 on Fairfax (Los Angeles)
– Feature (Las Vegas)
– PvtStock (Los Angeles)
– Image on South (Philadelphia)

International release (end of December):
– All Found Store (Helsinki)
– Acht (Amsterdam)
– Anrosa (Nantes)
– BOB 10.5.10 (Cologne)
– Coutie.de (Online)
– Kickz Monaco (Munich)
– La Boite Collector (Lille, France)
– Luisa Via Roma (Italy / Online)
– Le Gang (Berlin)
– Majestic (Montpellier, France)
– Not Just A Label (Online / UK)
– Primitive (London)
– POOL (Munich)
– Sneakerhead (Moscow)
– SSAW (Stuttgart)
– Torso Shop (Mannheim)
– UNOTRE (Italy / Online)

3 thoughts on “Store-List for the DCAC by Patrick Mohr Mk4

  1. Corey says:

    If you could point me to the sites I’m located in the US (Ohio) and is there a release date for the international stores online?

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