this right here is one of the best things ever. and another proof that british humor rules the world, especially when combined with an unassuming nba pro getting embarrassed by a dude in jeans, sweatshirt and k1x meet the parents.
devin harris recently showed up with several nba players in south london, before the new jersey nets took on the miami heat at london’s O2 arena for the nba europe live games. british basketball expert greg tanner ( was also on hand. and so was his brother stuart who is a bit of a streetball wiz in england’s (small but dedicated) streetball scene. stuart (from thames ditton in surrey), who had not played much ball since failing to qualify for the milton keynes lions of the british basketball league five years ago, challenged nj nets guard devin harris to a “friendly” round of one-on-one. a game that harris will NEVER forget … “He tricked me. He hustled me on my own court. He might be able to get an NBA contract. We might need to sign him up tonight.”, was all harris could muster up in excuse.
since then the clip has been seen by over 5 million viewers world wide. several days ago “stuart tanner” was the most searched term on google. and we are pretty sure devin harris has not slept well since the episode either. now that’s what we mean when we say “play hard – don’t embarrass our products.”

here is a small selection of media coverage since then:

ny daily news
the times
daily mail
the sun
the telegraph

turns out even our k1x meet the parents silhouette is a basketball shoe!


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