May 10, 2011

Back in the day: 2006

Our new installment features K1X ads (and notable pics) of the past. This shot was part of our “Being Ron Artest” campaign, which depicted the NBA’s “bad boy” in multiple facets of his unique persona. Sometimes ironic. Sometimes dead serious. Here he is at a grimey boxing gym in Indianapolis, where Ron Ron used to [...]

December 3, 2010

RonRon being his hilarious self!

After his team had lost to H-Town on Wednesday RonRon has delivered yet another highlight. He called in to a radio station’s post-game show, pretending to be Luis Scola. He had some interesting things to say before finally deciding to celebrate his victory in his very own way. Things like these are exactly what makes [...]

October 24, 2010

Naked Cowboy for President?

We stumbled across a newspaper article claiming that the “Naked Cowboy” is going to run for President. While we are not sure if he is serious about campaigning we were yet reminded of our classic Ron Artest “Tru Warier” documentary that also includes – the “Naked Cowboy” himself. Enjoy the video right here and remember [...]

October 5, 2010

Tiago Who?

Ron Artest was interviewed by some members of the UK media before the Lakeshow squared off against the Wolves in London. Listen to his answers as he talks about the beginning of pre-season, a rookie from across town in LA and a certain Brazilian big man. RonRon is wearing our FNCTN Park Baller sleeveless and [...]

June 21, 2010

Ron Artest: People’s Champ

We created this ad as part of our “Being Ron Artest” campaign in 2006. Ron Ron’s allure as a man of the people was always obvious (at least to us), which is why gave him the title of “People’s Champ” back in the day. His post game press conference after game 7 of the NBA [...]

April 19, 2010

In the Press: The Association

If there was anyone out there who wasn’t ready for the postseason yet, ESPN’s Lake-Show documentary “The Association” took care of that this past Friday in prime time! Check out the clip after the jump for a little tour through QB with RonRon himself. Shoutout to Zak Levitt!

March 14, 2010

NYC Billboards

Dr. Jay’s and K1X go bigger than life on three NYC billboards feat. Buckshot, Ron Artest and BX’s Finest aka Homicide Williams.

March 14, 2010


K1X signs NBA warrior Ron Artest. We spend the summer ballin with Ron Ron’s friends in Queensbridge and dedicate a complete collection to his persona and roots.

February 26, 2009


these chiefglider joints are from when we outfitted the rucker league in harlem (nyc), way back in 2003. but the customized images must be new … looks like our boy ron ron artest and the infamous queensbridge. the colorway is reminiscent of his sacto days, so it may be a little older. anyway, eat your [...]

February 24, 2009


“it’s a slam dunk” is probably one of the lamest claims ever. and to place queensbridge’s finest in the most suburban bball setting of all times takes some getting used to (tennis, anyone?). still, it’s great to see our boy ron ron artest looking so snazzy in our sin city jeans (2006) and club selecao’s [...]