December 31, 2013

Jukebox ends 2013 with a bang!

November 14, 2013

That’s why they’re called “Anti-Gravity”, dummy!

Dmitry ‘Smoove’ Krivenko and Rafał ‘Lipek’ Lipiński totally and utterly ruled the dunking scene in Europe this season. What started out with a victory at the BBL (UK) dunking contest, had turned into a fully-loaded trophy case by the end of the summer. These dudes raked in more silverware than a couple of master-thieves, basically [...]

October 15, 2013

Jus Fly was here …

September 17, 2013

White men can(‘t) jump!

Check out our boy Rafał ‘Lipek’ Lipiński (lime green Anti-Gravity) going up against Jordan Kilganon in the Venice Basketball League (VBL) Slam Dunk Contest. Lipek took home the win after nailing a 180 between the legs off the hand. Nicely done!

June 18, 2013

Smoove strikes again!

Our man Smoove obviously has a new hobby. Besides being one of the world’s most spectacular high-flyers, dude is collecting checks. Those big, cardboard type checks, you know? Most recently he won the slam dunk contest in St. Petersburg. Congrats! Watch video highlights from the contest here:

May 8, 2013

Spotted: Jordan Kilganon

This young highflyer from Project Vertical has been turning some heads in the dunking scene for quite a while now. His newest clip is yet another proof that, at his young age, Jordan is only getting started. Weclome to the fam’, Jordan! Jordan is wearing the K1X Anti-Gravity and our Roll Up Practice Short.

March 28, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Dunker

Let Dmitry ‘Smoove’ Krivenko take you behind the scenes of the BBL Slam Dunk Contest in Birmingham earlier this year.

March 27, 2013

What’s Gravity x Anti-Gravity

Porter Maberry has turned a number of heads with his awe-inspiring dunks. Watch the 5’5 phenom – who fittingly goes by the name of What’s Gravity – take flight in his brand new, lime-green, K1X Anti-Gravity in this short promo teaser. More footage to follow.

September 10, 2012

Spotted: Smoove Dunker

July 23, 2011

Nation of Hoop Chapter 3 – TFB Chapter

This image was shot in December of 2008 in Ft. Myers, Florida. It was hard to keep the entire crew focused for longer than two seconds, especially because El (front row, second from right) and Ryan (last row, first on left) kept on talking smack with young “Chris Bosh” Darlington (last row, second from right). [...]

July 21, 2011

Russia got hops!

Inspired by the world’s premier dunk crew, Shal aka. Crazy Air from Russia set out to make a name for himself.

November 4, 2010

In the Press: Top 25 Dunkers on the Planet

DIME Magazine has recently chosen the Top 25 Dunkers on the Planet. Wondering who took home the title? Two very familiar faces finished 1 and 2. To quote DIME’s Austin Burton: 2. TERRELL COURNOYEA (Team Flight Brothers) Probable cause: At 5-foot-9, “T-Dub” does things many 6-6 NBA athletes can’t do. His hops seem almost uncontrollable. [...]

February 27, 2010


k1x warrior and tfb justin darlington shows the kids what it’s all about …

February 26, 2010


our friends kapcer & jakub from poland just sent us these great images of zianimal and his protegé slash, who are currently mixing things up and working out rocky-style in krakow. thanks for the pics, guys! kadour is wearing our brand new “hustle” tee slash dunks in these vintage chiefglider 2

February 25, 2010


top polish dunker “slash” has been sucking up kadour ziani’s wisdom over the past two months and is widely hailed the future of european dunk. this past sunday, slash underlined that claim emphatically by winning the “gramy fair” slam dunk contest in cracovie.

January 29, 2010


the vibe, the energy and the authenticity of dunking’s spiritual godfather kaour ziani is astounding. the frenchman with algerian roots recently returned home to algeria for the first time in 24 years. get an inside look at “zianimal’s” trip back to his motherland in this wonderful clip by french documentarist nicolas de virieu …

January 11, 2010


zianimal aka kadour ziani is the godfather of dunk. he started it, period. but he’s also one of the most endearing dudes you’ll ever meet. his approach to dunking is sometimes weird, often philosophical, and always full throttle. here’s an older clip that underlines kadour’s simple yet precise message: 360 is my language.

March 9, 2009


you betta believe it! this piece of eye-candy sports magnets or something, as it attracts more double takes than the naked cowboy. let tfb’s golden child tell you all about his night at club “ultra” … then again, it’s probably just the two-tone zipper, fresh colors, tonal “nation of hoop” stiching and that wicked motorcycle [...]

March 4, 2009


see tfb’s canadian import justin “jus fly” darlington go one up on vc’s legendary nba slam dunk contest stunner…

March 2, 2009


is guy dupuy aka easy-j the best dunker in the world? watch him snatch the ball in mid-air, take it around his back and dunk over 4, then decide …