germany’s anual reality check was in full effect this weekend. like the others before, this third edition of germany’s top bball tournament was a “do or die” affair, making all games seriously contested from the start. teams from all over the country plus visitors from france, belguim and romania made sure the level of play was top notch. a slam dunk contest hosted by the “dunkfather” kadour ziani, as well as performances by rachid wallas, dj kitsune, some strange dancers and freestyle skills battles gave the whole grc tourney a real party vibe.
thanks to rookie team manager niki uriostegui, k1x was loaded with skills and personality. k1x vet and player/coach paul howard (“let’s run ‘em into the ground!”) lead the team from the sideline and mvp tim burnett took the reigns on court. young jermain raffington was unstoppable, mixing it up with an array of inside/outside skills. sean brooks patrolled the paint, while tim schwarz, tom klemm and party machine niko jovanovic punished lazy d with deadly 3 point shooting. spectacular individual plays and a rocksolid team effort propelled team k1x thru the first 3 rounds with emphatic victories. the final game vs. berlin was a nail biter, but k1x came up short, as the ridiculously on-target three point shooting by our old friend heiko schaffartzik was too much to handle.
check the pics below for a taste of grc flavor:

mango, sean brooks, niki & p diddy

tim duncan clone jermain raffington

tim burnett arrives on the set

tb runnin’ the point

jovanovic laces up

tell em old-school!

team chemistry on display

from left to right: sean, jermain, tim, tim, paul, niko, mango & tom

stricly business, chiefgilder & cg2

shout to the man who made it all happen: grc mc jon mbimba

always pumped: kadour ziani

always funny: monkey man kadour “zianimal”

always on the move: the dunkfather

french mc rachid wallas

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