It was a last second thing. But the competition at last weekend’s hometown “Express Your Style” 3on3 streetball championship was too good to pass up. Team K1X was the last of 26 teams to enter the competition – and ended up being the last team to leave.

Team K1X: Johannes, Aaron, Roberto & Papa Neil

The hastily assembled office squad featured K1X’s own Italian stallion Roberto Aufiero in the middle (probably the nastiest elbows in the business), 19 year old phenom Johannes Kriegereit, Aaron Paisley (you gotta have major hops to regularly get your dunk off in a 3on3 contest – unless you are filming Hollywood basketball movie), and K1X veteran Niels Jäger, who came off the bench for some old-school post moves and a lucky three in the semis. The final was a close encounter vs. several big body pros from local second division team FC Bayern. The good guys chased a three point deficit for most of the game but came up big in the crunch, winning the game by one point with the first lead of the game. It was ugly, but who cares? Take it from the champs: a last second home win tastes extra sweet!

The tournament’s “grand prize” was a couple of cans of our very own K1X Energy Drink, plus a bottle of Absolut Vodka. Whatever, it was all about the bragging rights anyway …

The after-party featured DJ Bobitto Garcia and the most impressive assembly of dancers since one of those regular lunch breaks at “Fame”. Check back later this week for more pics …

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