they don’t call him “homicide” for nothing, that’s for sure. this guy kills competition for a living, kinda like leon the professional. with a little more panache maybe. corey williams (bronx, ny) is what real streetball competition is all about – watch him bust alimoe for 48 points right here!. a loaded offensive arsenal and his fearless attitude have won him accolades like msg’s “last man standing”, dyckman’s “most outstanding player” and 2x mvp at ebc, where he also goes by “the most dangerous player at rucker”. his legendary street game has been homicides claim to fame so far.

but there may be more on the horizon, as homicide is set to join the nba’s denver nuggest at training camp next week. of course, he has been heavily linked to k1x-nation of hoop, after religiously sporting the k1x chiefglider on court. is homicide the next k1x warrior? stay tuned for more infos right here. and make sure to read up on homicide on!

[youtube width=”500″ height=”406″][/youtube]

also check his highlight reel on youtube and watch him bust alimoe for 48 pts here!