Basketball DNA for the streetwear aficionado: The Decade Pack is our homage to 30 years of basketball footwear design. The Pack consists of three lifestyle silhouettes, each one representing the look of one decade respectively: the models are called the “80s”, the “90s” and the “Y2G”. Each decade (a.k.a. shoe) is characterized by key elements of its era in design as well as in production.

All three shoes are reduced to the max: one layer of leather only, no linings or other add ons give the shoes a raw vibe: a bold visual statement. Each model is available in two color-ways. The grey version is made of extra thick 2-tone nubuck leather, while the white version features a super soft premium full-grain leather. As on all K1Xclusive products, branding is kept subtle – in this case the iconic tag logo is lazered on the shoe’s tongue and heel.

Here’s a first look at the Y2G model. See it from another angle and the alternative color way after the jump…

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