The new K1X Shorty collection shoot was recently directed by Mallence Bart Williams in Los Angeles. Many of the female dancers in the vibrant L.A. “krump” scene were the first to sport the new Shorty styles while photographer Rozano Johnson documented their daily grind. Some of the featured dancers like Tiny Mite, Lil Mama, Bambi, Lady MC, K.K. and the notorious Miss Prissy were made immortal in 2005 by David LaChappelle’s wonderful film “Rize” – and make the new summer catalogue especially appealing. Of course, Ashlee Desire -the personification of K1X Shorty- was also in the thick of things when the crew roamed through South Central, Venice Beach, Downtown, Watts, West Hollywood and the canal at 6th St. Bridge to do what they were born to do: dance!
Here’s a taste of what’s to come … see the whole catalogue here soon!


A.Desire aka a dream come true: “Dancing is like making love… when you start you never want to stop!”


Bambi: “There were times when krump was therapy to me.”


Tiny Mite: “Krump dancing is a way to let out your spirit, a spiritual contact between you and GOD!”


Miss Prissy aka The Queen Of Krump aka Multi Talent: “Dancing is my outlet to artistically express myself. My body is like a paint brush making strokes across the skyline.”


Watts Up!?


  1. John Charles says:

    I have tried to buy a the “four icons” basketball , but do not know if there are any outlets in the Central U.S. I am in Hays, Ks.67601 at 2911 Ash. Do you have to buy it online and pay shipping? thanks, John

  2. troj says:

    hey john,
    i guess the best way would be via the basketballs will be available there this week or early next week at the latest.

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