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We like to think we got game like Scrabble. That’s why we asked our five favorite shops to design one very special basketball jersey each. Of course, we dropped one as well to keep it gangsta. The “Nation of Hoop Series” is our personal contribution to the collabo-craze. It’s our tip of the hat to the shops we feel are some of the best in the business – and our latest tribute to the “most improved” streetwear item out there: the basketball jersey.

CROOKED TONGUES (London), SOLEBOX (Berlin), PATTA (Amsterdam), COLETTE (Paris) & SNEAKERSNSTUFF (Stockholm) answered the call and designed five slick jerseys, that represent their respective crews. Some (Patta / Crooked / SNS) worked on our trademark “Double-X Jersey”, others (Colette / Solebox) remixed our “Reversible Practice Jersey” – and we added a tank top just to floss our range.

The offering is topped off by six limited trading cards. These collectables feature more stats than ESPN and add some valuable insight to the league-leading shops we teamed up with.

Buckle up for a rock solid starting five and a mighty spark off the bench! All six jerseys as well as the trading cards drop early July, exclusively at these five partner retail icons, as well as KICKZ (Berlin & Monaco), Germany’s most valuable player when it comes to basketball.

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