Renowned US-Military supplier Alpha Industries (est. 1959) and German basketball brand K1X (est. 1993) teamed up for the remix of a classic. Riddled with details, the iconic “Polar Jacket” by K1X and Alpha Industries features:

Inner lining feat. K1X’s “all-over babes” pattern
Artificial fur hood/lining (removable)
Pins: Chiefglider mascot / Nation of Hoop flag
Detachable velcro tags: “Nation of Hoop” / “Play hard”
Embroidered crest: “K1X Park Authority”
Embroidered flag: “Nation of Hoop”
Co-branded flag labels, logo stitchings, zipper pullers and signal-strap
Oversized Alpha Industries x K1X woven label
Color: Replica Blue
Material: Flight Nylon feat. full protection against sub-zero weather conditions

Limited to 250 pieces worldwide, this exclusive edition of the Polar Jacket is now available at selected retailers including MRQT/SUPPA, Feature LV, KICKZ Torstrasse & KICKZ Monaco and Louisaviaroma, as well as our very own K1X online shop





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