The new AthLeasure collection by K1X Core is more functional than a Swiss pocket knife.
Detailed designs, designed for active sports, especially comfortable and absolutely street-safe.
Special attention is given to the technical characteristics of the specially developed “FNCTN” fabrics. The sweats consist of two ingenious material layers (inside perforated to remove moisture, outside velvety and resistant). In between there is a thin air chamber. This interspace, the so-called spacer material, operates isolating, making the parts breathing-active and particularly light.
Further details: Side push buttons for variable fit / upper arm Zip pocket / thumb slots / zipper Garage / laminated zipper / reflective 3-M Laces / Vent Holes / rounded elastic seam / 360 ° Active Stretch.

Play hard!


FNCTN features:
Moisture Tranport
Quick Dry
Ultra Light
360° Active Stretch
Waterproof 5000MM

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Clip by Sebastian Brune x FOUR LMNT

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