it’s official: cory underwood is the latest member of the philadelphia 76ers. the undertaker will join phily’s training camp roster today. good luck with the sixers c-wood!

here is what c-wood himself had to say:

how’s it feel to finally be on an nba team?

It feels crazy … I took the long scenic route here & the NYC summer scene definitely Helped me … Homi I told you I was gonna do it just Like you my G!
I always felt talent wise I belong here. this was no favor or homeboy thing here. I came to philly 3 weeks before camp and proved I belonged. that’s why they signed me! From the trainers, the equipment managers, to the Gm – everyone told me I was an NBA player.

what’s your mindset going into camp?

MAKE THE TEAM! Learn from the vets. I’m going to gain so much wisdom this week. But at the same time show I belong. its simple, my grind don’t stop here. there’s still money to Get! They still Printing it right?!

why did you choose to wear number 45?

I usually wear 5 but that was already taken. I wanted 4 but webber wore it here … so 45, ha!

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