It’s official, Watson Day should be a national holiday. Ok, maybe not, but it was definitely off the hook. Watson day is a street festival to celebrate all the different cultures of the bx. There’s salsa pumping on one end of the festival and hip hop on the other. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the
entire thing goes on right outside of the Watson Classic Basketball tournament. It was a like k1x heaven. Hip-hop performances (krs 1, slick Rick, Team blackout) and hoops going on at the same time.

Next week will be even crazier when coach Bernard takes his M.o.e (money over everything) team to the chip versus Play da Game Entertainment that is coached by local hoops legend Artie Green. It’s definitely going to be a goody. Stay tuned.

and why the hell not?!?

the bridge is over! krs one enters the building…

bx all day! forever, actually…

dr fu cuddles up to his childhood idol, slick rick. matching your tee to hook up to your limegreen eye-patch is one of the very slickest looks ever, by the way!

somethings goin’ on in the hood…

team black out live on stage

more teams shoulb be ballin in that silver/blk/wht color way!

get yours at selcted foot lockers and champs…

the best play by play in biz?

up up and away…

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