For the Fall/Winter ’12 collection, K1X asked what is A game if you don‘t have a rock? what is a tourney if it doesn‘t rep the block? what‘s a weekend if you ain‘t shooting hoops? what is a home court if it has no roots? what‘s a bank shot if you didn‘t call it? what‘s a good Ball if you can‘t palm it? what is a legend if he doesn‘t brag and boast? what is defense if not butter on toast? what is a nickname if it comes without props? what is „elevator“ if he doesn‘t have hops? what is a team if it‘s not gelling? what‘s a worn sock if it ain‘t smelling? what is a win if you‘re not bumping chests? what is a title if you didn‘t play the best? what‘s a slam dunk without the pizazz? what‘s stockalone if not hella jazz? what good is a rivalry if it‘s just for fun? what‘s west-coast flavor without run ́n ́ gun? what is a coach who messes the flow? what‘s a big-man prospect if he doesn‘t grow? what‘s a point guard if he can‘t find the big? what is the two if he can‘t shoot a lick? what‘s a ball that‘s got no grip? What‘s a halftiMeshow without a nipple slip? what is a camp without true school teachers? what is a no-look if it ends up in the bleachers? what is a baller who dribbles just for show? what‘s a bench player if he ain‘t ready to go? what‘s five or slam without all the facts? what‘s a play-by-play if he ain‘t got the stats? what‘s muggsy bogues without all that heart? what‘s a last-second play if it ain‘t smart? what is a sweep if it comes without a broom? what‘s a cheerleader who doesn‘t merit zoom? what‘s a contest without TFB? what good is got-next if you forgot to pee? what‘s the Dream Team if not pedal to the metal? what‘s a shaq dunk if the rim doesn‘t rattle? what is A team if it doesn‘t have a legacy? what‘s a college stud without an unwanted pregnancy? what is a vet without the street cred? what‘s “play hard“ if you don‘t break a sweat? what‘s pick-up hoops without got-nex‘? what is park ball without k1x? What good is authority if you can‘t claim it in your park?

nada nada nada not a damn thing…


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