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This privacy statement provides you with an overview of how K1X processes your data.

How to read this privacy statement: We offer you several ways to read this privacy statement. First, you will find some very basic information in this section. Then, we have sorted this privacy statement according to topics relevant to you and divided it into individual chapters accordingly. If you are already a “pro”, you can use the following drop-down menu to jump directly to individual chapters.

We have prefaced each chapter with a short overview text. This overview text briefly summarizes the content of the chapter. If you just want to get a quick overview of all data processing, we recommend that you read the overview texts. If you would like to familiarize yourself with the details, you can click on “More” below the respective overview text. You will then be shown the full contents of the chapter.

We have avoided cross-references as often as possible. This way, you will get all the information explained coherently, regardless of which chapter you are currently in. However, if you read this data protection declaration from the beginning to the end, you may notice repetitions of text. To which services and offers does this privacy policy apply: The way we at K1X process your data is similar for most of our offers. This privacy policy therefore applies to all services and offers that we provide to our customers in Europe. And it applies regardless of whether we do so through a website, in stores, over the phone, at events, or through social networks or other channels. To make it easier to understand, we use the term “services” to refer to this “normal case” collectively.


– What data is stored by K1X.
– What we do with this data and what it is needed for.
– What data protection rights and choices you have in the process.
– What technologies and data we use to personalize and tailor our services and content to provide you with a safe, easy, seamless and personalized shopping experience.
– What technologies and data we use for advertising, including tracking technologies used.
If you have a question about this Privacy Policy or about data protection at K1X in general, you can find our contact details under “Changes and Contacts”.


K1X offers you a wide variety of services, which you can also use in different ways. Depending on whether you contact us online, by phone, in person, or in any other way, and which services you use, different data will be collected from different sources. Much of the data we process is provided by you when you use our services or contact us, for example, when you register and provide your name or e-mail address or postal address. However, we also receive technical device and access data that is automatically collected by us when you interact with our Services. This may include, for example, information about which device you are using. We collect additional data through our own data analyses (e.g., as part of market research studies and by evaluating customers). We may also receive data about you from third parties, for example, credit agencies and payment service providers.

When we talk about “your data”, we mean personal data. This is any information that would allow us to identify you immediately or by combining it with other information. Examples: Your name, phone number, customer number, order numbers, or e-mail address. Any information that does not allow us to identify you (even by combining it with other information) is considered non-personal information. Non-personal data is also referred to as anonymous data. If we combine your personal data with anonymous data, all data in that data set is considered personal data. If we delete personal data from a piece of information or data set about you, the remaining data in that data set is no longer considered personal data. This process is called anonymization. As a general rule, if you are asked by us to provide certain personal information, you can of course refuse to do so. You decide what information you give us. However, we may then not be able to provide you with the requested services (or not in an optimal way). For example, we may not be able to have packages delivered if you do not provide a shipping address. If only certain information is required in connection with a service (mandatory information), we will inform you of this by marking it accordingly.


Profile data is personal and demographic information about you (so-called master data) and your individual interests that you provide to us when you register for your customer account.


– Your first and last name
– Your contact details
– Your preferences, e.g. in terms of brands, product types or styles
– Demographic information such as your gender, age and place of residence

Mandatory information usually includes your name, e-mail address, and a password of your choosing. Your e-mail address and password will later form your login information. For the use of access-restricted, paid or personalized services, further mandatory data may also be required, such as your date of birth or your form of address (e.g. in order to be able to direct you to the homepage of the KICKZ shop that matches your gender) or your preferred brands and clothing styles.

Profile data may also include further information about you and your interests. These may already be collected as part of registering for the service or may only be added subsequently. This is the case, for example, if you later add voluntary information to your profile or you want to use your customer account to register for a service that requires additional mandatory information.

When you are logged into your customer account, you can view your profile data there and in most cases also change it directly, e.g. to update your address after moving house.


When you contact us, we collect your contact information. Your contact information may include, depending on how you contact us (e.g., by phone or e-mail), your name, mailing addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, details of your social media profiles (for example, we may receive your Facebook ID if you contact us through Facebook), usernames, and similar contact details.


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